Shipping Rates:

Q: Can you explain the different shipping rates? 

A: Most customers order 3 or 4 bottles at a time. With that in mind, the smallest package we use is the US Postal Service (USPS) flat rate padded envelope, which can fit up to 4 bottles. These cost us $6.10 per package. For orders of 5-10 bottles we use a medium USPS flat rate box. In all cases we add a few cents for packaging materials. We don't make any profit off of shipping - in fact, we typically lose a little money on shipping. We are committed to keeping the cost to you as low as possible.

For now, we are using USPS because they offer flat rate shipping options and typically deliver in two to three business days. 

Shipping glass bottles is expensive, no matter how it's done. We don't make any money off of shipping charges!

Shipping Policy:

Q: I placed my order on Friday, when will it ship? 

A: We package all orders over the weekend and ship all orders Monday or Tuesday. Because we use USPS second-day delivery, your orders should arrive promptly. We are just a two-person company, so please be patient with us! 

Contact Info:

If everything isn't perfect with your order, just send us an email at hello@drstadnyks.com and we’ll take care of it. But here are some other fantastic reasons to send us an email:

  1. You have a question that we didn’t answer in the rest of the FAQ

  2. You work for a restaurant / cool company / grocery store and are interested in stocking our hot sauces

  3. You just want to say ‘hi.’ 

  4. You have an adorable pet and want to share photos with us (seriously, we're happy to reaffirm how cute your puppy is).

We love hearing from y’all, so don't be a stranger!


Q: Your hot sauces don’t use any food preservatives (like sodium benzoate). Are your hot sauces safe to consume? 

A: We wouldn’t sell you hot sauce that was unsafe, or that spoiled quickly after opening. 

All of our hot sauces use vinegar - a strong, natural preservative. We’ve had each and every hot sauce flavor tested by a professional food lab at Texas A&M University. We don't use any artificial additives or preservatives; that means you don’t need a chemistry textbook to look up any of our ingredients. 


Q: I’m trying to eat less salt, so I really avoid using hot sauce. Is your hot sauce loaded with salt? 

A: Definitely not! The sodium content of our sauces varies from flavor to flavor, but our maximum sodium content is 30 milligrams per teaspoon. 

In fact, we specifically formulated our hot sauces to be low in salt.  Many hot sauces contain large amounts of salt…sometimes 5-10% of the daily recommended value in a single, small serving. We don’t do that.

What is Dogecoin? I saw it as a payment option.

Dogecoin is our favorite digital currency. It is a cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin, that grew around the doge meme. Dogecoin is completely secure and has an incredibly vibrant, friendly community dedicated to the currency. If you want to learn more about dogecoin, you can visit Dogecoin.com for a quick introduction, or visit the Reddit community for the full experience. 

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