100% Natural, Made in Small Batches.

"Yo SriRacha, Tabasco, Cholula, Tapatio, Frank's Red Hot, Imma let you finish, but Dr. Stadnyk's has the best hot sauce of all time. Best hot sauce of all time!!

Seriously, this stuff is great: it adds a spicy kick and some flavor without overpowering whatever you're eating. It's awesome on eggs, pizza, pasta, sandwiches- you name it. My brother and I are huge hot sauce fans, and Dr. Stadnyk's is always our first choice."
-Sanna A.
"The best hot sauce I've ever had. My morning scrambled eggs are so tasty I want to weep joyful habanero tears."
-Chaz C.
"Your basic hot sauces add only heat. This hot sauce adds heat and FLAVOR -- it took my college cooking from 'edible' to 'I have impressed dates with my masterful food abilities'. I can't recommend it highly enough!"
--Michael H.
"Every morning I make eggs and cover them in hot sauce -- usually Cholula or Tapatio or Sriracha. The morning after I got my bottle of Dr. Stad's, I tried it on my eggs. That bottle is now gone. The taste is incredible -- so good that sometimes it feels like it's too good to be breakfast. I found myself making extra eggs so that I could eat more sauce. I put it on tortilla chips, sandwiches, and even salads (no joke). You've gotta try it -- it's too good to pass up."
-Luke K.
"Dr. Stadnyk's hot sauce has a fantastic flavor while retaining simplicity by using very few ingredients. The carrot tempers the heat of the habanero while preserving its delicious flavor. One can really taste the quality of the ingredients used! The sauce has a thicker consistency when compared to other hot sauces, which enables it to be used as both a dipping sauce as well as for mixing into food. The sauce's simplicity and freshness really separates it from the pack. This hot sauce will really improve just about any dish - highly recommended!"
-Nishant P.
"ok i just want to contribute further (already wrote a review, but i'm back for more) -- this hot sauce is delicious on eggs, on steak, in soup, with fries, with tortilla chips, on SALADS (no joke)... i even had some on a piece of chocolate once and it was also amazing. this can spruce up any mediocre dish from "meh,” to wanting seconds. this is the highlight of my mornings, my afternoons, and my evenings... because i consume it that often."
-Sarah W.
"Has a nice tangy, but mild flavor that's really versatile. The carrots also give it a light sweetness that makes the flavor more complex and enjoyable. They also contribute to the festive, bright orange color. It's got some heat, but it's not overwhelming. Can't make breakfast without it!"
-Jesse I.
"In college I managed a kitchen for about 50 fellow students. Alex gave us a few bottles of Dr. Stadnyk's near the start of the year, and the students went crazy for it. It wasn't long until I was dipping into the pocketbook to keep it in stock and keep people happy. Money very well spent!"
-Kevin M.
"Dr. Stadnyk's hot sauce is THE MOST MAGNIFICENT HOT SAUCE OUT THERE (this is coming from a seasoned hot sauce lover). The Habanero & Carrot hot sauce is a tangy, silky delight whose heat playfully sneaks up on you. I will definitely purchase again, along with all of the other flavors!"
-Sarah W.
"Love the taste & knowing what's in the bottle. as I prefer milder flavors, the sweet potato was perfect and had the right amount of kick."
-Yuliya M.
"Love it! It has a unique flavor and adds much more than just spice to my food. Would definitely recommend it."
-Tania A.
"I've tried a lot of hot sauces before, but this is the first I've come across with carrot as an ingredient. Adds a bit of sweetness that tastes great next to the cut of the habanero. A great initial attack of spice and a hearty comedown, thanks to the nice consistency of the sauce. Would recommend refrigerating for a cool, fresh taste."
-Kevin C.
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Photo by Karrah Phillips

    Our Story

    We are a father-son team from Texas.  Dr. Stadnyk is a Houston-based physician with a passion for cooking up hot sauce on the weekends.  His son is a materials engineer with a love of all things spicy.

    We bottled our first hot sauce in 2008, using only home-grown chili peppers.  Since then, we've been committed to making hot sauce in small batches - and with the least amount of processing possible.

    Just Four Ingredients

    We are firm believers in simplicity. When you open a bottle of our simply habanero, we guarantee that it only contains four ingredients: organic carrots, habanero peppers, kosher salt, and organic vinegar.

    Unlike other hot sauces, we also use organic ingredients. We support local farmers and source our organic veggies from Johnson's Backyard Garden

    Why Habanero?

    The habanero is one of the spiciest peppers in the world. While we’re in love with its vibrant flavor, we quickly learned that most people just don't like that level of spicy.

    To make the heat bearable, we blend in fresh organic carrots. The result is a hot sauce with only four ingredients and just the right amount of kick.